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Many people are concerned with their cars or have a hobby that involves restoring cars. Meticulous Mobile is well-known for our passion for cars, and we want to speak to you now about our wet sanding services. For those who might be unaware, wet sanding is one of the most efficient ways to clean car paint. There are some that consider the process dangerous, but it certainly isn’t when professionals know what we are doing.

We certainly do at Meticulous Mobile. We know that one of the most exciting aspects of having a car is maintaining pride at how immaculate that it looks. If you’re interested in keeping your car paint immaculate, contact us anytime to find out how wet sanding might bring out the best of your vehicle, no matter what kind of vehicle you own. Here are some reasons why you might want to consider wet sanding for your vehicle, whether it’s a car that you drive or a car that you are collecting.

What Is Wet Sanding?

“Wet sanding” involves actually shaving off a layer of paint using abrasive sandpapers – and it’s not exactly the kind of technique that a novice should consider. You might be a DIY enthusiast, but we highly recommend that you consult us before wet sanding your car and realizing that you may have damaged it for whatever reason. Your paint will get assaulted by the elements as you drive your vehicle, and wet sanding can help to bring out your car’s clear coat.

Wet sanding involves wetting sandpaper to the point where the sandpaper acts like a lubricant. The idea here is that water, plus the lubricant, helps to remove particles from your vehicle that might affect its overall aesthetic and appearance. Others choose color sanding, which is also associated with wet sanding. Color sanding involves wet sanding your paint, and it’s actually the way that the world’s first cars were painted.

Did you know that the clear coat of your car is extremely thin? In some cases, it might even be as thin as a piece of paper. It takes experts to truly understand what to do here, and the right wet sanding specialist can actually make your car look brand new!

Why Choose Wet Sanding?

While it might not be a technique that is commonly used, wet sanding has been around for decades as a detailing technique. You might be wondering as to what the benefits are, to find out whether wet sanding is necessary for your vehicle.

Here are some reasons why you might want to consider it:

Wet Sanding Risks To Consider

Wet sanding is an important decision to make. Every vehicle owner should also understand what risks to consider before actually choosing to wet-sand your vehicle. What kind of damage could occur? Wet sanding can create small scratches, for example. Is that a risk that you would be willing to take to improve your vehicle’s overall appearance? You might decide that it isn’t worth the financial damage that it will do to your vehicle.

Many consider wet sanding to be dangerous, as you might end up removing too much paint. Of course, it should be noted that there are many other situations where you may end up removing more paint than you should – so this concern shouldn’t be that new. Even if you wash your car with a dirty rag, paint might be removed.

There are also some situations in which wet sanding simply won’t work. You may have a vehicle that has been uncovered for years – and the paint might simply too far gone for wet sanding to “revive” it in any meaningful way. You should also make sure to consult with various professionals about their wet sanding quotes to ensure that you are paying a fair price, as well.

In addition, if you take off too much paint, it might reduce the paint’s UV protection. Whoever is wet sanding your vehicle, make sure to keep a maximum amount of clear coat on the vehicle as possible.


There are plenty of individuals that want their vehicle to look their best, and for many various reasons. For example, you might want to present your vehicle at a local car show because it’s one of your traditions and/or hobbies. Wet sanding can help your vehicles look their absolute best. It doesn’t matter if you are wet sanding for a marriage, graduation, or another special event – we can help your vehicle look the way that it was meant to look.

Similarly, you might want to bring new life to an old vehicle. In this way, wet sanding can really make your vehicle glow in a new way. You should also make sure that you are hiring a wet sanding expert that can provide some work history or a portfolio to prove their track record.

Meticulous Mobile has the word “meticulous” in its name for a reason. Our experts truly care about the way that your car looks, and the way that it makes you feel, and we aim for 100% customer satisfaction. We have the experience and professionalism to make sure that the job gets done on time, and we believe in creating long-standing relationships with our customers.

I appreciate the opportunity to make your vehicle look the way it was intended to look. I have had a passion for cars since I was a kid. It started with me helping my dad wax his cars. As a teen and young adult I was into muscle cars and, while my car might not have been the fastest, it was always the shiniest! Now, as an adult, it has turned into something that I enjoy very much!! I take a tremendous amount of pride in the work that I put into the care of your vehicle and I promise to take as much care with your car as I would my own. Today vehicles are continuously bombarded daily with things that do anything but help the appearance. Brake dust, fallout, road grime, love bugs, bird droppings…etc. All of these things, if left unchecked, will take the shine away from your vehicle and shorten the life of the paint. The detail service I provide, guards against such things. The care I take and the meticulous work I put into your vehicle will ensure your paint a longer life. The products I use are among the finest available. They will be hand-picked for your specific paint type and color. If I am fortunate enough to detail more than one of your cars I may use a completely different method and product for your other vehicles. I promise to do my best to make your vehicle to look better than new!

Who we are

It all started when I was a young man, 17 years old, and fresh to Florida. My father owned a detailing operation that serviced the multitude of wholesale auto auctions in South West Florida. As soon as I was off the plane from Pennsylvania, I found myself detailing the interior of vehicle. Now, detailing wholesale vehicles is nothing like the everyday mobile detailers you see around town. I was trained to be an expert. I was trained to take an old trade in vehicle and fool used car dealers with trained eyes into believing it was new. Trust me, this is not an easy task, but by the time I was 19, I perfected it.

Luckily, my training didn’t stop there. Neighboring our detail shop was an auto painter I consider to be the finest to this day. He walked by as I was wet sanding a vehicle and paused to observe my technique. He asked if I would like some tips. And as he watched me use his instruction each day, he offered more. When I was able to repair the very worst of exterior paint issues, he would stroll by, smile, and give nods of approval. I’m eternally grateful and would like to say to the world, “Thanks Rick Cook!”

Like most first timers to Florida, I moved back to my home state to cure home sickness. I immediately got a job at Adcock Brothers, the largest operation affiliated with the Manheim Auto Auction. Even though I was an expert in both interior and exteriors, Adcock positioned me solely on exterior work. This was actually considered a prestigious position within the company reserved for seasoned employees since it didn’t require the bending and twisting demanded inside a car. I completed hundreds and hundreds of vehicles. I literally buffed and sanded every type of vehicle imaginable. My experience and abilities grew fantastically. I loved my job and if winter didn’t happen in Pennsylvania, I might still be there. Unfortunately, detailing isn’t fun in the snow.

So I moved back and hooked up with a local mobile detail operation. I was shocked by the contrast in quality provided by the mobile detailing industry. I was trained to make cars look show room perfect while the auto detailing industry would just spray on tire dressing and call it a day. Even though the standards were low, I stayed true to my training and provided high end work. During my employment, I developed a following of faithful customers each referring me to new customers. After three and a half years and the encouragement of my business minded family, I decided to go off on my own.

On February, 16 2002, Meticulous Mobile was born. Those early days were tough. When I left my previous company, I also left my vehicle, supplies and customers. I had no choice but to work from the trunk of my Lincoln Mark VII and give away my services to mechanics, painters, and condominium concierge to prove my work in the hopes of referrals. Eight years later, the efforts have paid off. I have a great customer base, work with the most exclusive vehicles, and find that I’m the guys with answers for tough projects from my peers.

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